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           AC&C of NYC is an animal kill shelter contracted by the City of New York. AC&C receives all of its funding from NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene. Therefore, all of the stray animals found on the streets will be brought to the closest  AC&C location. Furthermore, since AC&C is contracted by NYC, owners who decide to surrender their pet, will trust AC&C above other shelters to care for their pet  and eventually find them a deserving home. YES, AC&C is allowed to use euthanasia on animals, but only for 2 legal reasons: illness and temper.

           But through countless research and frequent visits to AC&C, we realized things are clearly not what they seem:

FACT: Every single day AC&C comes out with a minimum of 12 animals that will be put to sleep THE NEXT MORNING if they aren’t adopted, fostered or rescued. (How can you come up with that many extremely sick and aggressive animals, that’s about 360 extremely sick and aggressive animals a month. Really?)

FACT: AC&C shelters are so contaminated with bacteria that EVERY single healthy animal entering will contract kennel cough in a matter of just a FEW days.

FACT: Currently the # 1 reason for putting down an animal is kennel cough, the cough that animals acquire only when they enter the AC&C shelters. Kennel cough that is extremely common and often does not need any medicine AT ALL  to be treated. Other reasons for putting down an animal include: too hyperactive, under socialized, fearful, underweight, those who guard food, those who develop cage aggression, untrained animals, traumatized, shy and unresponsive.

FACT: Animals as young as 6 months are being put to sleep because they simply contract an easily treatable cough from the shelter itself, or because there just isn’t enough room for them in the shelter. 

FACT: The only ones who truly rescue, shelter, protect and save these animals are foster parents and rescue groups who work day and night pulling animals off the kill list, taking them to vets and eventually finding them homes for non-profit purposes. We are one of these rescue groups!

FACT: If you try calling the AC&C right now, the chances of you getting to speak to a person are 0%.

           What we are petitioning for:

1.       Installing the proper ventilation system in all 3 AC&C locations: Brooklyn, Staten Island and Manhattan. This will enable the animals to remain healthier and give them more time to get adopted.

2.       Kennel cough or any other insignificant reason that was mentioned above can no longer be a legitimate reason to take an animal’s life.

3.       If an individual’s wants to surrender their pet,  AC&C MUST inform them that it is a high rate kill shelter.  Most pet owners are unaware of this fact and will surely think twice before surrendering their pet to AC&C. Give these animals a chance!

4.       If there is too little room for animals, move them to another shelter, or build bigger shelters. There should not be 1 healthy animals killed because we do not have room for it to live.

We need to put an end to the culprit of these heinous crimes against animals. We need to put an end to AC&C’s tactics. There will be no more petitions started and not finished. These animals are voiceless and helpless. We are their voice and their protectors.  Please sign this petition if you want to see the proclamations listed above, done. Every vote is crucial!

- AMA Animal Rescue


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