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Urge NYC Chinese Consulate to end the Yulin Festival and the dog meat trade

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Every day in China 27,000 dogs are brutally tortured and killed for their meat. Many of these dogs are stolen pets. During transport to slaughter thousands of dogs are tightly crammed one on top of another into crates, suffocating, with no food or water, on journeys that last for days. Some of the dogs are infected with deadly and contagious diseases, and are dead on arrival. During the Yulin festival these atrocities are multiplied, and the torture is performed out in the open. Dogs are skinned and boiled alive, beaten and dismembered. Children are witnessing the cruelty inflicted on these animals by the butchers, which desensitizes them to violence. Yulin makes a public spectacle of the extreme torture to these animals. There is also a human health concern from the spread of rabies from contaminated dog meat. Every year millions of Chinese and animal lovers across the world protest this festival in hopes that it will end. As China evolves, many Chinese youths are accepting dogs as part of their family. Please regulate and enforce animal welfare laws which would eliminate the Yulin festival and the dog meat trade in its entirety.

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