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NYC Central Park Cyclist Petition

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A response to the recent zero-tolerance crackdown on cyclists' use of Central Park Roadways;

A request that the City of New York implement policies that reasonably allow cyclists the same uninterrupted use of Central Park's car-free hours that other Park users already enjoy;

A demand that the City of New York recognize that its cyclists are a responsible group that value safety and deserve respect.

New York City has announced a crackdown on cyclists’ use of Central Park. Tickets are being issued for “running” red lights, regardless of the time or whether pedestrians or cars are present.  For decades, thousands of cyclists have chosen to ride in Central Park when it is closed to cars and when pedestrian traffic is minimal for their commute, recreation, or fitness. All Park users – cyclists, runners, dog walkers, skaters, & pedestrians – have traditionally proceeded through traffic signals with general safety, and all have been able to share uninterrupted use of the roads regardless of the time of day.  Recently, the City has declared STRICT ENFORCEMENT against ANY traffic violation by a cyclist, regardless of the circumstances. The City has not announced that policy with respect to drivers and pedestrians whose violations endanger cyclists on the City’s streets.  


We Do Not Ask For Permission To Break The Law;  We Want Reasonable Exceptions On Par With Those Given to Others In Their Use Of The Park. Dog Walkers are given an “off leash” exception from 9PM – 9AM. Runners are not ticketed for jaywalking through intersections.  

Sign the petition if you support our solution, or if you simply want to get the discussion rolling.


Update: Please watch this video for an excellent illustration of our situation (via Gothamist):

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