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NYC Board of Health classifies pigs as livestock, but not all pigs are. The law should be modified to making it legal to own a pet mini pig as long as its fixed, microchipped and you have a veterinarian to take it too for daily visits.You see, our family suffered a tragedy with the loss of my brother in-law. My kids couldn't concentrate and were doing bad in school. My wife was a wreck and was just starting to cope with her father who was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer, when she was hit in the middle of the night with the death of her 27 year old brother. I had to do something fast, get something to create a distraction. We live in a coop and since dogs weren't allowed, i decided to go to the manager of the complex and ask him if I could get a pet pig. His reaction was," It's not in the by-laws, so enjoy your new addition". I also called our local congressman and they stated that the law only states livestock is illegal, and what I wanted to get wasn't considered livestock.I took the family to a breeder upstate and we bought a mini Juliana pig and named him Petey. He is a fascinating addition to our family and he did what I was hoping he would do, and that is he brought back the joy to our family. He is an indoor pet and was very easy to train. There are many other pigs in the NYC area and he socializes great.Even Mayor Bloombergs daughter (Georgina) has rescued a pig named Wilbur and he is allowed within NYC limits. Now after 8 months of having him, We are being challenged by the Dept of Health with the NYC laws making the ownership of pigs illegal because it list them as livestock. I want to challenge this law and with everybody's help I think it would be possible because other states have amended their laws to allow pet pigs. So please sign the petition and help out our family because i don't want them to suffer another heart break.. Thank you

P.S.  You could also view Petey's facebook page so you could see how much joy he brings the family.. Look up" Petey (The Pig) Forge " on facebook.. Thanks again

Letter to
Divison of Environmental Health-Office of Veterinary Public Health Services NYC animal law
Modify the NYC law to allow the ownership of mini pigs as household pets because not all pigs are considered livestock. Pigs that are fixed, vaccinated, and leashed outdoors should be allowed. The law for livestock should remain the same because it shouldn't be allowed in city areas, but there should be exemptions for the household family pet that are not livestock. These mini pigs are a lot better then dogs and cleaner then cats, and since dogs and cats are legal to have, pet pigs should be allowed also. The law was passed for a reason but wasn't fully thought through.The NYC Mayors daughter has a pet pig and both of them were quoted in the newspaper saying how amazing these animals truly are. Please modify this law.
P.S. I contacted the Dept of Agriculture and Markets and they replied, i quote " they have no law or regulation which restricts ownership of domestic animals with the exception of domestic deer. The NYS Dept of Environmental Conservation does regulate certain wildlife species".
P.S.S. I contacted my local Councilman and he replied:
"The relevant law prohibiting the keeping of pigs as pets is not found in the zoning resolution, but rather in the New York City Health Code, specifically, §161.01 (b) (15). The City Council does not have the authority to amend or change the Health Code, that power rests with the New York City Board of Health.
The Board of Health meets regularly to discuss amendments to the Health Code, however public testimony can only be given on matters or proposals currently pending before the Board. You can submit proposals to amend the Health Code, suggestions of topics for the Board to consider or other matters of concern to:

Office of the Secretary
Gotham Center
42-09 28th Street, 14th Floor, CN31
Long Island City, NY 11101-4132
I hope that this information helps you. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me."