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STOP The Senseless Killing....And FIRE Julie Bank!

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A MASSACRE occurs DAILY at the NYC AC&C under the regime of Julie Bank.

Animals are routinely euthanized - days after arriving at the shelter without even the chance of adoption.  A sneeze, a cold or hiding in the corner of the cage is a death sentence .

Some interesting facts about Julie Bank:

Julie Bank was hired by the city of New York as Director of NYC Animal Care & Control. Since she has taken over the shelter operations, more dogs and cats are being killed then ever before. Between the 5 boroughs of Manhattan on a low average there are about 30 dogs killed nightly, and they are killed 7days a week, Thats at least a 210 dogs a week. Most of the dogs coming into the shelter system in New York are pit bulls. More then 60% of the dogs that come through the doors are adotpable. Julie Banks thinks by euthanizing as many dogs as she can, this is acceptable. Is she trying to save money for the city in hopes to add some figures to her already 6 digit paycheck. Julie Bank has authorized the killing of dogs that have had rescue or adopter holds on them. Julie Bank has cut the phone lines to the shelters as a way to save money. How are people supposed to call in and adopt if there are no phone lines? Julie Bank fired employees who were using social media to try and save dogs. Bank thinks its ok to euthanize animals as its the right thing to do.

Its time for change and we need your help. You will be speaking for the dogs within NYC ACC and all over the county. Shelter operators such as Julie Bank need not to exsist, and she needs to be fired. With you signatures we can show officials that she needs to be stopped and that we, the people, won't stand for this.

The NYC AC&C website states that the facility 'rescues, cares for and finds loving homes for homeless and abandoned animals in NYC.' How can this be when animals are euthanized within days of arrival??


Please also check out of Facebook some amazing pages that try to save all NYC Shelter Death Row Dogs:

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