Urge NY State Legislators to Vote Against Bag Preemption & Give NYC’s #BYOBag Law a Chance

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Urge NY State Legislators to Vote Against Bag Preemption & Give NYC’s #BYOBag Law a Chance

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Jennie Romer started this petition to NY State Legislators & Governor Cuomo and

Last year, the New York City Council passed a bill to tackle the city’s large and growing problem of plastic bag pollution. The #BYOBag law would require retailers in NYC to charge a 5-cent fee on all carryout bags provided at the register, with some exceptions. After a two year process of hearings, forums, and debates, the Council decided on this local solution that has proven effective in cities, counties, states, and countries throughout the US and the world, cutting plastic bag use 60-90% and dramatically reducing bag pollution.

Senate Bill 362/Assembly Bill 1750 are aimed squarely at overturning NYC’s law, due to take effect on February 15, 2017. We urge you to oppose this industry-backed preemption bill and give New York City’s #BYOBag law a chance to prove that it works. Although the bills single out NYC, it sets a dangerous precedent for all the villages, towns, and counties across the state that have decided to take action to tackle plastic bag pollution. When the state fails to act to protect New Yorkers from pollution, local people should have the right to find their own solutions.

At this crucial time when federal environmental protections are at risk of being rolled back, we need to protect our local environmental victories - not block them. Please vote NO on S362/A1750.

*** UPDATE: Another similar pair of bills putting a moratorium on NYC's #BYOBag law was introduced and passed both houses and will go into effect unless vetoed by the Governor. Governor Cuomo, please veto S4158/A4883.

Thank you.



The New York State Senate (S. 4158) & Assembly (A. 4883) voted this week to nullify NYC's #BYOBag law. We’re extremely disappointed with the Assembly’s decision (here's a statement from Council Members Lander and Chin). 

We need to start getting calls and emails to the Governor to ask him to veto S4158/A4883. 

Governor's Contact info:

phone: 1-518-474-8390 

Email: gov.cuomo@chamber.state .ny.us 

Contact form: https://www.governor.ny gov/content/governor-contact-f orm

Twitter: @NYGovCuomo

Mail (for letterhead):   The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo,  Governor of New York State, NYS State Capitol Building Albany, NY 12224

For calls, here's a sample script – 

-I'm looking for the governor to be a national leader. NY passed a bag bill, and industry lobbying should not preempt it. 
-Hello, my name is _______ and my address is  _________. I am calling to let Governor Cuomo know that I oppose S. 4158/A. 4883.  This bill will prevent NYC’s disposable bag reduction law from going into effect next week. The NYC bag bill is the result of over three years of advocacy efforts and negotiation.  I urge the Governor to protect the city’s right to enact local environmental laws  and veto S. 4158/A. 4883 if it comes to his desk. Thank you.
Some sample tweets:
·         Protect NYC’s #BYOBag law! Tell @NYGovCuomo to veto anti-environment S. 4158/A. 4883. Let NYC fight plastic pollution locally!

·         Don't let NYS trump NYC's right to enact common-sense #BYOBag bill. @NYGovCuomo - veto S. 4158/A. 4883 and protect progressive local laws.

·         NYC's #BYOBag law had a full City Council hearing, any further delay is unacceptable. #StopPreemption http://nydn.us /2kFuYj8




 (illustration credit: Dorothee Pierrard)

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This petition had 821 supporters