Have Judge James P. McClusky Removed From Bench

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Judge James P. McClusky of Watertown, NY sentenced a man that admitted to the rape of a 14 year old child with a ridiculously low sentence.

Shane Piche was the school bus driver and admittedly raped a 14 year old child. He pleaded guilty to third degree rape in February of 2019.

Judge James P. McClusky sentenced him to no jail time, 10 years probabation, and the level which he has to register as a sex offender will not show up online when searching for sex offenders in the area. 

By now you are asking yourself why Judge James P. McClusky would do such a thing. His reasoning was that there was only one victim, and he had no previous arrests. One victim is too much!

 This sentence is a disgrace to law and is an injustice to the 14 year old child that Shane Piche raped. 

Judge James P. McClusky has no place being on the bench if this is how he sentences rapists. Please sign the petition to tell the NY State Commision on Judicial Conduct to remove Judge James P. McClusky from the bench.