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To promote a positive message fo LGBT youth and take a stand against bullying. Every day, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer children and teens are bombarded by images and messages that tell them who they are is not OK. They're more likely to be bullied at school than straight kids, and then the bullies' messages are too often reinforced by adults at home and in their communities. In the worse case this leads to young people feeling suicide is an answer. The "It Gets Better" video's are reaching out to change this. Let's go Mets! You can help this change!

Letter to
President Saul Katz
New York Mets
CEO Fred Wilpon
and 2 others
General Manager  Sandy Alderson
Senior VP of Marketing & Communications  David Newman

Fans of the New York Mets would like to ask the Mets to record their own "It Gets Better" message in support of LGBT youth. No one can do it like the Mets! Mets' fans know the struggle of the under dog and what it means to hear, "You gotta believe!" Help young people believe, that it gets better -- that life is worth living, and when things look there worst you can still become a champion!

Join the San Francisco Giants, the first professional sports team to officially support the It Gets Better project by recording an It Gets Better video. Fans around the nation are petitioning their home teams to do the same. Who better then the NY Mets to send a message of courage under fire? Who better than the Mets to say, "Who cares what others say? We will prevail!"
So please we ask you to do the right thing. Stand as one with us to stamp out hatred directed at our young people.

So please in true Mets' tradition show your fans, the world, and most importantly the rest of the sports world, that the Mets are not afraid to stand up to bullying. Please support the It Gets Better project.