Stop from Performing Surgical Alters on NY-ACC Dogs and Cats Before Placement

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It is has come to the attention of the dog and cat loving community around New York Animal Control that facility directors are allowing dogs and cats to be spayed and neutered, probably by students for practice, before being placed on the kill list.

There are several reasons why we, the dog and cat loving community of NY and beyond, disagree with this new policy that seems to be in place since about January 2017:

1. DISEASED FACILITY:  The atmosphere of a proven diseased facility does not lend itself to the proper environment for an animal to recovery postoperatively.   It is testified by prior volunteers that the separation of sick animals from well animals from postop animals is an abject failure.  Perfectly healthy cats and dogs are surrendered to this facility and drop dead within two days from the diseased conditions, let alone having to be housed there with fresh wounds from surgery.

2. INCOMPETENT STUDENTS: The public has not been informed as to WHO is performing these procedures and we have reason to believe that STUDENTS are in fact PRACTICING on these public animals.  This is also apparently being facilitated by the ASPCA of NY.  Therefore we have reason to believe that the ASPCA is PAYING New York Animal Control for the “lending” of these animals to students to practice procedures.  We present two such dogs that experienced massive hematomas that result from incompetent procedures.  This is unacceptable.  Students can practice on models.  We also have no proof that actual veterinarians are present for these procedures and in fact all animals in NY ACC should be videotaped during their entire stay at this facility, especially since their incompetence has been proven in prior reports such as from Scott Stringer, the comptroller.

3. TRANSPORT:  The animals are being transported in the “van” in cubby holes with air vents.  These animals are already stressed to the max and to be surrendered, then transported for a surgical procedure, then transported postop BACK to NY ACC (either Brooklyn or Manhattan) is stress that any animal could not possibly survive. 

4.  DISPOSITION AND TEMPERAMENT:  There is no possible way that a dog or cat could be evaluated for disposition and temperament postoperatively.  The dog or cat has had no time whatsoever to decompress from being surrendered and then is shipped off to undergo a surgical procedure.  The sheer terror will lend itself to it being impossible to evaluate the animal therefore the adoption of said animal is then so much lower as the adopter and foster and rescue needs at least somewhat of an adequate evaluation.

5.  TORTURE:  The Agriculture and Markets Law of NY states that torture of animals is against the law.  It is apparent to us, the dog and cat loving community of New York, that New York Animal Control is engaging in the torture of cats and dogs by lending these public animals (that truly belong to us the public) to a teaching institution for probable cash payments to line their pockets for their six figure salaries, which in turn almost guarantees that they will be killed postoperatively.  What kind of humane treatment does this facility argue that they are rendering?

We demand that New York Animal Control CEASE AND DESIST from surgically altering animals before they are pulled by a rescue or spoken for by an adopter.