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Abolish the 45-day Radius Clause for Local and Emerging Artists

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Artists who play North by Northeast (NXNE) are legally bound to abstain from performing in Toronto for 45 days before the festival. This includes free shows, fundraisers, and other small local events.


It makes sense to ask large, highly paid, headlining artists not to participate in a competing event in the same city. Arbitrarily preventing a small local artist from performing in their own city for 45 days is entirely unreasonable.

The NXNE radius clause unnecessarily constricts and stifles the local arts community, and results in a loss of income and opportunities for small artists.

If local artists performing 45 days before the festival threatens NXNE’s survival, then local artists are a massive source of value and income for the festival. If this is true, then the small (and frequently non existent) monetary remuneration given to local emerging artists is grossly and offensively undervalued.


NXNE: please be an empowering resource for local artists by ending the 45-day radius clause for artists residing within the GTA. If you must have a radius clause, implement a 14-day clause for emerging artists residing within the GTA. Keeping these artists off stages for an unnecessarily extended time period effectively puts them out of work, while also hurting local promoters, showgoers and the music community at large.

Thank you,

Weird Canada

PS - say what you will about Canadian Music Week, but enforcing the radius clause to ensure local artists cannot play both festivals is cruel and unnecessary. Even CMW restricts their radius clause to “contracted headliners.”  NXNE likens artists to gourmet cheeseburgers, but in reality they’re human beings. Decisions that serve only the interests of NXNE have no place within Canada’s creative community.

PPS - We are discussing some other NXNE ideas with the community. You can submit your thoughts on NXNE here:




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