Nvidia: Update your drivers to support OSX for the GK110B, GK11x, fix the openCL crash. SUPPORT OSX LIKE YOU DO ANY OTHER PLATFORM!

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Nvidia has Geforce mainstream support for Windows 8.1, 8, VISTA and XP. But then goes on to support Liunx 32-bit & 64-bit, (EVEN ARM 32-bit), AND SOLARIS AND FREEBSD. Considering how many people in the entertainment industry use mac and either have been or are about to be Nvidia customers because of the way CUDA works with Adobe, they should be on this. Not just for the people that already bought it but for the potential customers. I seriously doubt this new Mac Pro design will stick and even if it does this means that there are really are a lot of people that will be turning to upgrading their existing Mac Pro instead of buying something that can't be upgraded.

Many people spent their good hard earned money on very expensive top of the line devices only to have Nvidia turn a blind eye to their plight. This is a major issue and they haven't addressed it for over three months. Sign the petition to let them know just how many of their customers are actually effected so they know the importance of making sure their products work on the platforms that use their product for work as well as gaming. Even Linux has been updated in 2014, still not OSX.

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