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NUVAS Inhumane Animal Treatment

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The North Utah Valley Animal Shelter in Lindon, Utah has been a hot topic lately among the rescue community. This is something I feel I should have done a long time ago, but here it goes. (Posted on FB By Kali Cristaudo)

For almost a year (August 2014 - July 2015) I went to the shelter at least twice a week to get a "euthanasia" list from them. I had 24 hours to get the cats into rescue placement or they'd all be thrown into the gas chamber. Sometimes our list was over 50 cats and kittens. The things I saw there were beyond animal cruelty. Cats with broken bones, maggots, pneumonia, ruptured eyes, wounds that needed suture and cleaning, uterus' hanging out, etc left untreated. Cats that were literally dying that they would leave like that until they died. They wouldn't euthanize anything until Wednesdays so if a cat was suffering, they would just let it be. The shelter only will put cats in the gas chamber to euthanize IF there is a large amount to be put in together. Shelter employees themselves have said this on several different occasions. If a cat is dying, they will not euthanize it unless they can put it in the gas chamber with a group of cats.

Almost every cat I saw had a treatable condition however the shelter wouldn't treat them or wouldn't allow them to go to rescue in time, so therefore the animals suffered. If regular people in our community did this kind of stuff, we'd be charged with animal cruelty. Why isn't this shelter being held responsible for the way it neglects the animals in their care? Why are they allowed to break the laws on a daily basis?

So many rescues including mine (Friends of Community-Cats Rescue) have reached out to the shelter over and over again offering to help. I got banned from helping the animals there last year when the shelter thought I was going to go to the media FYI. Animals suffered because of a rumor. I should have gone to the media then.

I have called the shelter on several occasions asking if they are a NO-KILL shelter. Their answer is always yes. The stats and first hand experience tell a totally different story. They may not have the highest numbers of euthanasia sometimes, but that is only because they leave the animals to die in the shelter to make their numbers look good rather than humanely putting them out of their misery.
Please don't believe what you see there on the first glance. Not until you actually go through the entire shelter.

This shelter needs a huge change. They need to stop gassing healthy adoptable animals. They need to start treating sick and injured animals or immediately ask a rescue to help. Especially since we are all so willing to do so. They need to start humanely euthanizing dying animals who cannot be treated. I have several pictures and documentation that I've taken and information from several employees who have also seen these things first hand. On several occasions they asked me to limit my posts to get the euthanasia list cats out and make the shelter look good. This is not only about cats. The dogs are neglected in the same way. Recently a Utah Rescue pulled 2 dogs. Both had been at the shelter for some time. One of the dogs' back end was full of maggots and infected. The other dog was in their adoptable section for a long while and the poor dog was suffering from multiple tumors in his back end and severe wounds and infections all over his body. They had this dog up for adoption like this. Unfortunately the rescue had to have both dogs humanely euthanized.

Please share this post and let people know what is really happening at this shelter. People may think it will change with time and trust. No. It will not. It won't change until WE MAKE it change. This is what your tax dollars are going to people. Is that really what you want? Below is a list of the North Utah Valley Animal Shelter Special Services District Board Members. PLEASE contact them. Let them know this isn't okay.

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