Nutley NJ Skatepark

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Nutley has so many amazing park features such as playgrounds, courts, fields, etc but the only thing the Nutley parks is missing is a skatepark.   

Skateparks reduce illicit behavior, provide a safe space for recreation, reduce damage to private property, provide physical activity and health/mental benefits for all ages, and also local economic impact.   

Nutley Outdoor recreation needs to consider a safe space for a skatepark so cyclists, skaters, scooters, rollerbladers, parkour, etc have a place to exercise in their town.     

Consider that Outdoor Sports Popularity (in ages 6+) is 23.5% for a cycling, skateboarding, rollerblading compared to 21.2% for court/field recreation.  

With the rising acceptance of skateboarding worldwide, the sport is becoming more popular than ever before.  In fact, skateboarding is being introduced into the 2020 Summer Olympics for the first time in history.

Nutley has many abandoned tennis courts, large unused parts of parks, tucked away unused space etc that would benefit from having a skatepark.   To consider funding, we could also start small, and slowly build the skatepark to fit the needs of the community.   With skateparks being so adaptable,  any budget can work and the limits are endless! 

We could create programs,  seminars, events, jobs, etc creating revenue for our town.  A skatepark is a necessary addition to the already flourishing Nutley Recreational center and growing community.