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Nuclear power is not the way to go, abolish it

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Nuclear power is not the way to go, abolish it now.  The federal government shouldn't guarantee loans for building nuclear power plants. Nuclear power carries dangers of meltdown and dangerous accidents, as well as of providing a catastrophic target for terrorists, and there is no permanent, reliable solution to the problem of nuclear waste. Furthermore, nuclear power is extremely costly. If the benefits outweighed the risks, investors wouldn't need federally-guaranteed loans to finance their projects.  Authoritative studies show that far better solutions are energy sources that reduce carbon emissions and other pollutants: wind, sun, water, geothermal, and, best of all, increased efficiency of production and consumption. Known ways of increased efficiency alone could lower emissions by two thirds while saving money. Happy Rhodes sings, "There's a beacon in the sky, meant to catch your eye...", and all life are feuled mainly by the sun; solar energy should be our utmost prioritized source of energy.  I urge all decision makers to be wary of nuclear efforts and instead to concentrate on clean energy sources and increased efficiency, now.   reality

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