Save Our Maritime Inheritance

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The Newcastle Maritime (Centre) Museum was initiated some 40 years ago by 3 passionate mariners who saw that no one was documenting or recording our city's unique and remarkable maritime history. As a self funded and not for profit organisation the Maritime Museum has been nurtured and grown by passionate maritime historians and volunteers for 45 years! The Port of Newcastle played the most significant role to the development of Australia from the early days of European settlement to the present time. There are few Novacastrians that haven't been touched in some way by our seafaring traditions. The museum exhibits are appropriately housed in the beautifully restored, heritage, harbour-front Lee Wharf building; that in itself is a piece of Maritime history worthy of housing more than another hotel or pub. What city in the world would move or relocate such an integral piece of their history?! Please help to not let this happen.


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