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Decrease the Average Amount of Money Spent on Textbooks per Quarter at Northwestern U

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We, the Undersigned, would like to increase financial accessibility in all classrooms at Northwestern in the following ways:

1. We would like all Northwestern professors to put an end to the use of course packets in the classroom. They are a burden on the earth and a barrier to students' ability to engage in their education. If a professor truly wishes to omit the use of electronics in the classroom, they may encourage their students to print the relevant articles at home.

2. We would also like for the University to consider buying licenses for oft-used online resources in the classroom, such as, but not limited to: Sapling, Pearson, and  McGraw Hill. We would like for there to be transparency around the feasibility of this request going forward, and we would like to revisit this issue until it has been properly resolved in a way that ameliorates this financial barrier.

3. We would like for professors at Northwestern to be encouraged to tell their students about library resources that aid financial accessibility in the classroom, such as, but not limited to: Interlibrary Loan, Ebrary, JSTOR, Muse, Hathi Trust, etc..

4. We would also like for professors at Northwestern to be encouraged by their department chairs to use materials in the classroom that are easily available through the aforementioned library resources.

5. We would like for the program that is currently taking place at Student Enrichment Services, where a group of students received funds in order to buy books, to continue to be assessed and revised. We would also like for it to be expanded beyond first-year students, and for the criteria surrounding who can participate in this program to be expanded.

6. We would also like for the Summer-Work Contribution portion of student financial aid packages to be abolished, and instead replaced with a grant. We ask for this because, while opportunities like SIGP and URGs exist for students who need a paid position over the summer, we recognize that these grants cover costs of living, and do not necessarily assist a student with paying for books when they return to Northwestern for the academic year.

7. Finally, we would like the Office of Financial Aid to replace any estimate of book expenses in the financial aid package with a grant, because we recognize that, due to various reasons, all students who are receiving financial aid struggle with book costs.

We believe that these requests would assist Northwestern with its own initiatives about improving the student experience as they specifically pertain to financial accessibility. We believe these requests will also set the most socioeconomically vulnerable students up for the best chance of success, both as they work towards completion of their degrees, and once they graduate from the University. 



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