Save The Matatu Culture

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To whom it may concern,

While i totally agree with what the government agencies are trying to do to curb road accidents, I'm against their manner of enforcement. Speed Governors, Valid Licenses, duly registered drivers, safety belts, all that is fine.

But... The art, the graffiti, the music, the design, the sophistication.. that goes way deeper. However much you try supporting the fact that it should be done away with, it's not right. You can't deny the fact that we matatu owners invest alot in a legitimate business and its not fair to take our investment down the drain. You can't deny the fact that doing away with the art will be killing careers. Then what? Where will young talented youth go to?

I look at my contact list and i see body fabricators, sound technicians, graffiti artists, visual designers, automotive paint distributors.... All these are careers that are going down the drain. For what? Just coz police taking bribes along the way caused a fatal accident? Coz if they impounded the bus then we wouldn't be where we are now.

Why should all of us pay for the mistake of one person? Why haven't the police on duty that night faced the law? Why ?
Why are we treated with so much impunity?
Is it really fair? Is it really ok to kill so many careers? To kill so many dreams? Is it really? Is it?

We have no other choice but pull our vehicle from the road till further notice.

I Cry for the Industry.

Enforce the Safety, but spare our culture.