Open SIEC for Horse Fire evacuation

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SIEC is the safest horse evacuation location in NSW yet it is closed due to State government red tape. It is part of NSW parks and thus closed during total fire ban days and not available when NSW horse owners need it most. The local Showgrounds offered as horse evacuation centres are not suitable to accommodate high maintenance performance horses. I am terrified to take my 17hh dressage horses into insecure yards and into environments with all kinds of other animals that they simply cannot cope with. It it not safe for me, my horses and anyone around us. Many horse owners are in the same situation. At SIEC we can house these higher maintenance performance horses safely and securely. However, I understand that the NSW state government will not even consider to make it available. In this time of crisis, horse owners and riders let us make some noise and encourage the government to listen to EA and show some common sense and flexibility. Give us access to SIEC for those who really need it.