Allow us to ride our motorcycles on track !

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We understand we need to do what we can to slow down the spread of COVID-19. And we have done so since lock-down level 3 back in March. Mass gatherings of over 50 people has been made non-illegal first, then 20 people, then tracks were shut-down, deemed a non-essential activity.

Riding your motorcycles in group larger than 2 is now illegal, and you could be fined if you decide to ride in a larger group. But really, why ? what is unsafe about riding your motorcycle with a mask, gloves, protective gear, 50m apart from each other ? and how is that different, when you take the helmet off and speak to a friend, respecting the 1.5m distance than say, shop for food in a supermarket aisle that's not even 1.5m wide in some instances, and touching products that may have been contaminated, in a air-tight environment ?

Riding a motorcycle is a tool for anyone to relieve stress and anxiety. It liberates endorphins in your brain, adrenaline and give you a feeling of freedom. All the things we need right now to survive a long term lock-down plan. It is essential in fighting home abuse, alcoholism and any behavior that starts emerging from a full lock-down situation. It does not make sense to prevent us from riding, nor does it to close our track.

There are very simple measures we can implement to limit the risk of spread :

Not allow spectators, photographers or trainers (reduces attendance by 50%), require all to wear a face mask while not riding, having a licensed EMT on site, control the amount of people allowed on track (run half day track days with limited amounts), everyone parks minimum social distancing requirement apart or greater, provide staff with PPE (face masks, gloves disinfectant wipes, etc), add hand wash stations throughout the facility, close all bleacher areas, increase cleanings to bathrooms, phase in a reopening slowly increasing the number of riders allowed in a session over time as the virus becomes less of a threat, postpone events for etc…

Track owners needs our help to survive. It is hard for us to ride in the first place with the pressure from promoters, increased insurance fees and less and less land available. We need the government to re-assess this situation. Join the Sydney Supermoto Riders Club in demanding a review of this situation. It is a lot more sustainable long term for our businesses and our health to work together finding a way to get back to riding a motorcycle safely , than it is to shut our economy and play with our people's mental health. Sign the petition we created to that affect today, and join us in having a voice !

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