Stop Vandalism around Portico Plaza, Toongabbie

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Toongabbie, NSW area is recently developed with a huge number of apartments with a large number of residents moved in this area. Most of the newly built apartments are on Aurelia Street, Junia Avenue, Cornelia Street, Toongabbie Road, etc. This area is largely populated with a mixed community who loves to live peacefully like any other communities. The densely populated area is the one around the Portico Shopping centre.

The residents living around the Toongabbie train station and Portico Shopping centre have recently being victims of these kids who create a huge mess and problems in this area. Some of their activities include:

1. Abusing loudly on the streets, creating graffiti all around the area, smoking and drinking in public areas.

2. Troubling elders and families with kids on streets and in parks around the area.

3. Threatening individuals walking alone on the streets.

4. Breaking in the buildings and parking lots, stealing stuffs from the storage cages.

5. Repeated offences of stealing from the shopping centre.

The building manager of the shopping centre has already submitted a huge number of complaints and evidences and still no resolution has been found. The  number of instances have increased where the local residents have experienced a large number of problems through these kids. These are a bunch of 6-8 kids who walk around in caps/hoodies with a sling bag on their chest or they drive around rashly. If this is not stopped or controlled the area will have a huge impact on its living. The community has a huge number of bad experiences from these kids to share with the police.

We as local residents request you to take necessary actions to control and stop this constantly growing problem for the community. We are also ready to support the NSW Police by all the means.