Daniel Welfare Deserves to be Jailed

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On 25th December an innocent local kookaburra named Kevin just landed on Daniel Welfare’s table to grab a bit of food as he usually does when visiting Parkerville Tavern. The man grabbed poor Kevin, snapped his neck and threw it under the table in front of children and families. Daniel did not just kill a bird but he traumatised young children and families who were there for a good time. This tavern was meant to be a family friendly atmosphere but Daniel ruined it. Is a fine really justice for those witnesses who are scarred? Especially for the children. On Saturday, the next day, one of the other local kookaburras was looking for Kevin. This is not just about Kevin but this is about traumatised onlookers and even other wildlife who are missing Kevin. Animals also have feelings just like people do, yet we act as if Kevin is just a bird, or a danger, according to Ross Williamson, the lawyer. But there have been no complaints prior to this event. If we look at the facts about Kevin, you realise he was just a cheeky, innocent bird, whom kids have loved. Are we going to excuse his death for a simple fine or are we going to give the bird and the witnesses the justice they deserve? Give Daniel Welfare jail time.