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Stop selling puppies and kittens at pet stores!

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It is devastating to see that there are so many stray dogs and cats on the streets these days. Many are due to the fact that people go to pet stores, see an adorable little baby kitten or puppy and buy it on whim then when they get home or it gets a little bit older they decide it isn't worth it and just drop it on the side of the road or drop it to the pound where they then have to compete with so many other dogs and cats to be chosen or consequently be put down in the coming week or so.

Out of the  126,673 animals received nationally by the RSPCA in the 2012-2013 financial year, 43,256 had to be euthanised, that is 34% of animals going into shelters and not coming out. We can prevent this and make the percentage go down drastically if pet shops stop selling puppies and kittens. It will force people to go to the shelter and adopt an animal from there or make them think about it instead of buying them on impulse.

Follow England and other countries foot steps and stop pet stores selling puppies and kittens. Don't buy from a pet store, adopt from a shelter instead! There are so many more dogs and cats in desperate need of a home at shelters comapred to pet stores.

Shelter animals need a loving home too. Stop pet stores selling puppies and kittens. 

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