Don't arm NSW police with semi-automatic rifles

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From this week, select NSW police officers will carry semi-automatic rifles. 

This is a significant step towards a militarised police force.  Other measures are more effective at reducing the risk of terrorism (such a de-radicalisation), whilst increasing the use of military weapons within the police force carries extra risk.  International experts say that the Colt M4 increases the velocity of bullets, that's how it can achieve greater range and accuracy.  But there's the risk that bullets will pass through a body, rather than stop in it, and cause "collateral damage" (ie. kill or injure bystanders, or unintended victims).

More worrying however, is the trend towards the militarisation of the police force, as we have witnessed in some states of America, in which the police appear to be at war with their own people.  The Colt M4 was the standard issue firearm for the US military, including the marines in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The role of the police force should be to protect its citizens, not to increase its capacity to harm or injure them.  

Sign this petition the Minister for Police in New South Wales, Troy Grant MP, to voice your concern at the increasing militarisation of the New South Wales police force.

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