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In 2016, through the relentless campaigning and protesting of thousands of NSW residents, greyhound racing was officially banned by the government. However, for their own capital gain, the government has reinstated greyhound racing, using $500, 000 of taxpayers’ money to fund the Million Dollar Chase in October, the largest greyhound race in the world. The Government has attempted to  justify its reform by instituting policies to ‘ensure animal welfare’, when clearly this is not the case. Besides banning live bait, the government has tried to justify this cruel action by saying that the animals will be rehomed, and while this seems fair for the animals at first, Gabi Openshaw from Animal Liberation believes that “any dog capable of…competing in an event like this will be bred from at the end of their racing career. Those dogs’ owners will go on the make huge amounts of money from either selling semen or whelping puppies”. And even though the government claims the industry has gotten better, over the past few years there has been new evidence of greyhounds suffering at the hands of the racing industry being revealed every few weeks, such as a mass grave recently being discovered by the RSPCA in Western Sydney. Just two years ago Special Commission of Enquiry report suggested that the greyhound industry was beyond reform. This means that these new policies are deceiving the public and are allowing the continuation of the cruel treatment of animals.

On behalf of the PAWS organisation of SBHS, we strongly oppose this decision the government has taken into bringing back this horrendous sport. The government’s absurd decision displays the government’s lack of morals and ethics, and their intent to capitalise on the torture of greyhounds. Even though this large sum of money can be spent elsewhere, such as improving schools’ infrastructure and their education, the government has unfortunately turned to choosing an activity that involves extreme torture and abuse of animals. We are concerned about the long term impacts for NSW of an event where animal cruelty, gambling and drinking are supported by the government while our schools and hospitals are underfunded, and call on the government to rethink their decision. 

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Abdullah Khan, Minh Nguyen, Prathik Subbanna (SBHS)