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Provide a voice and housing for Sydney's homeless

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Hey everyone:))

I know this looks long but please give it a go it would be much appreciated

Homelessness is an issue that has faced the globe for generations and we have found ourselves in a time when more then ever these issues we as Australian's are faced with, can be solved. Australia is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, yet we still have vulnerable women, men and children sleeping rough. Actually think about that... us as human beings, capable of such wonderful compassion and generosity have neglected this issue for so long, especially disgraceful when we are in such a technologically more open minded state of living. The 2011 census reported that 1 in every 200 Australian's is homeless. Australia's population is 24.13 million. That right there is a hideous level of unnecessary neglect on our behalf. So often rough sleepers are labelled as 'crazy' or 'dangerous.' These men, women and children have ears and eyes. They are people like you and me, who see the news, see newspapers, see the looks people give them or rather lack of, as many of us would rather look away then face the problem that we are refusing to abolish. These are HUMAN BEINGS. They have friends, are parts of communities. What we need to understand is that homelessness is not a choice. As many times as its been said, it seems as if no one is truly appreciating the fact that HOMELESSNESS CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE. It could be you, it could be my mother and father, my young sister, your parents, your colleague, your local shop owner, your best friend from school or university. Human beings do not wake up one morning and decide to live in these conditions. Often they are victims of poverty, unemployment, domestic abuse, gambling, drug and alcohol abuse, mental or physical illness. The main contributing factor in our modern society is the completely lack of affordable housing. And those who deny this and say that it is their own fault, these people need to be faced with the statistics. The truth. In 2012's Winter, 246 Australians were deemed homeless. The statistics had been dropping radically previous to that and it seemed as if improvement was finally happening. Fast forward to 2016's winter. 394. And this is only the documented homeless in Sydney City. Statistics haven't come out about 2017 as winter isn't over, but it is not going to be good. 

I have the privilege of typing this up on my laptop, in my warm kitchen where I have just eaten a warm meal with my employed parents, my sister and I will be going to school tomorrow. You reading this are obviously, like me, most likely privileged as well. It is up to us to provide a voice for these people who have become ultimately voiceless and so often collateral damage in politics. They have become a liability thrown around debates and classroom discussions. Homelessness is not a topic to be lightly discussed one minute and then be forgotten when the Bachelor is mentioned or who will win the State Of Origin. Do not let these people be forgotten or overlooked. Rough sleepers are not a liability. They are people like you and me, they are not a seperate species or a card to be played in government. They are people affected by abuse, victims of illnesses whether that be of the mind or of the body. Do not look away next time an ad comes onto TV about it, do not look at your phone the next time you walk past them in the city or at the shopping mall. Face societies issues, that is our job as lucky and privileged Australian's, and for too long these issues have been deemed too controversial or 'somebody else's problem.'

The easiest way to contribute to making this problem less prevalent is too pressure the people in power whether that be the local, state or federal government, property developers or the NSW police and help services. And this does not mean, get the police to move these people out. The issue is when this is done, where do they go? The government funnels grotesque amounts of money into private property developers, the light rail and 'modernisation' all in the name of a 'better future for Sydney City.' This is our city. Homelessness is what is happening in our city right under our noses. The people we have elected have to start facing CURRENT SYDNEY before they continue to pour unnecessary billions into pollution and privatising. It is time to provide housing for these people, rehabilitation and employment so they have a future that they can look forward too. That is their right as human beings and the word needs to get out. Please help them as they would help us if we were in need. Do not let human compassion and empathy disappear completely.

Thankyou, Mia

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