Higher fines for littering In NSW

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Summary: Every time you go on bush walks we see rubbish. Humans become accustomed to this and begin to think of it as a natural occurrence. While this happens the wildlife suffers in silence!

Personal story: My Name is Nick, I am 13 and I am very passionate about wildlife conservation. I want future generations to be able to see birds in the sky and animals on the ground. Every saturday i jump on my bike and pick up any rubbish I see. Where I picked up rubbish one day, the next would be just as littered if not more. The laws have to change!

The issue: As a kid you get told about pollution. It ruins the environment and pollutes the air. While humans have found ways to help themselves get through pollution, The wildlife is suffering in silence. It needs our help. It is important to me as I love nature and every thing it beholds.

Take action! If higher fines are not made people will continue littering our bush! It is easy to tell that the actions taken towards littering are not working, you see rubbish everywhere we go! Take action towards this and be the voice for our wildlife!