Establish an Animal Cruelty Register in NSW

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There is a significant and undeniable link in society between animal cruelty and general criminal behaviour.

The introduction of an animal cruelty register in New South Wales would be a first in Australia and a benefit to law-enforcement agencies across the state.

Effectively, the introduction of a register would protect both animals and people.

Establishing an Animal Cruelty Register – which operates successfully in a number of counties in the USA – would require every person convicted of an act of cruelty against an animal within New South Wales to record their names and personal details.

That person would be automatically banned from owning pets for a period of time and their name would be available to law enforcement agencies, animal welfare organisations and shelters, and pet stores.

Offenders would be responsible for ensuring their most up-to-date details and identifiable information is recorded, failing to do so would result in a fine.

The establishment of an animal cruelty register would benefit both humans and animals and would allow the fight against animal cruelty to shift to being more proactive.

Studies show that a person who commit acts of serious crime such as murder, sexual and indecent assaults, domestic violence, and arson, often have a history involving some degree of animal abuse.

Rather than consistently fighting cruelty in a reactive manner, the register would allow authorities to keep an eye on offenders and to, potentially, prevent future abuse occurring.

It would also prevent convicted animal abusers from having access to purchasing or adopting another animal.

The register would also enable law-enforcement bodies to search for potential offenders when an animal cruelty offence, or linked criminal offence, takes place in a certain region.

Please support, sign and share this petition. This will then be taken to NSW Parliament with all the signatures to show the government that members of the voting community want to see the establishment of an animal cruelty register.

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