Don't Block The Rocks!

Don't Block The Rocks!

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Millers Point Community Resident Action Group Inc. started this petition to NSW Premier

Please Help us Save The Rocks from Heritage Vandalism!

It’s just a cash grab at the expense of Sydney’s and Australia’s Heritage:
Jack Mundey and the Green Bans saved The Rocks from Government and developers’ greed in the 1970s. They helped preserve this part of Sydney to conserve its heritage and give locals a voice in planning and development to be enjoyed by all Sydneysiders, Australians, and visitors worldwide.

Why? What’s Next?
Sydney has long bemoaned the construction of Blues Point Tower, and now the NSW Government wants to put a second tower in a highly culturally significant location, which will no doubt be regretted forever.

No building has ever been allowed to exceed the height limits; why now?
The proposed construction of a 21-storey residential tower at Central Barangaroo and commercial buildings along Hickson Road is far beyond the Barangaroo concept plan. It is tantamount to heritage vandalism and sets a dangerous precedent.

The quiet steal of precious parkland and overshadowing of a community:
The Rocks community needs you to oppose the “devastating” development of Central Barangaroo, which is wildly out of line with the original plans. The NSW Government is trying to sneak these new developments past the Community, ignoring every basic building, heritage, height, and other building restriction set by the Government’s own building rules. That is complete hypocrisy.

This is a greedy theft of Sydney’s and Australia’s iconic and culturally significant landmarks against the common good of the people of Australia:
Support The Rocks community in protecting Observatory Hill, Barangaroo Reserve, The Rocks, Millers Point and The Harbour Bridge from being hidden from sight from surrounding areas, the harbour ferries and cruises, and all good people who love this city. The people have a right to see Sydney’s and Australia’s iconic and culturally significant landmarks.

This over-development is an avoidable mistake, and we can stop it from happening!

We ask all Australians, and our valued visitors worldwide, to rally again to preserve the sightlines to and from Observatory Hill, Barangaroo Reserve, The Rocks and The Harbour Bridge.

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Thank You.

To the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of New South Wales.
The Petition of citizens of New South Wales brings to the attention of the House a proposal to modify the Barangaroo Concept Plan to accommodate large-scale development that will “BLOCK THE ROCKS”, destroying centuries-old views from public spaces of Sydney’s most important heritage precinct. Therefore, the undersigned petitioners ask the Legislative Assembly to protect the heritage of Millers Point, Observatory Hill, Barangaroo Reserve, Walsh Bay and The Rocks by voting to reject significant changes to the Barangaroo Concept Plan and the proposed Infrastructure NSW development at Barangaroo Central.”


0 have signed. Let’s get to 10,000!
At 10,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!