Allow Under 18 Year Old Patrons to attend Good Things Festival Sydney

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We are asking for the NSW Government and Police to rethink their strategies with Music Festivals in NSW and pleading with them to have compassion and work fairly with event/festival organisers, so that music fans of All Ages can attend Live Music Events in future, in particular, Good Things Festival, which has had to deny entry to their under 18 fanbase for the first outing on December 8th, 2018.

The way the Government has handled this situation is not only unfair for music fans and organisers, but its detrimental to the growth of Sydney's struggling Music Scene and Industry. We, as attendees of live shows, want and need to be able to experience these events at all ages (younger fans/patrons accompanied by parents or guardians) as it not only gives us the chance to experience a large scale live music event, but also sets up relationships with bands, fellow musicians for years to come. The more shows we can attend, the more revenue brought into the local area that helps not just the bands and festivals but the venues, local businesses and transport etc Its beneficial for everyone, not just a small, targetted group.

Quote: Good Things Festival believes that live music and festivals are for everyone but unfortunately the NSW state government does not share the same view. Even though it is not against the law, NSW police have imposed multiple impediments, including excessive police presence and exorbitant fees, making it impossible for us to allow anyone under 18 to attend the event. Representatives of the NSW state government have threatened to shut down music festivals they believe don't meet their standards. 

We aim to speak with our local members of Government and ask them to reconsider their overbearing rules and regulations for putting on an event like this and to work closely and more cooperatively with organisers, promoters and venues to accommodate All Ages patrons at relevant live music events moving forward.

On top of signing this petition, please visit our Call to Arms article where I/we urge you to reach out to your local member to pass on your opinions and concerns with the exclusion of Under 18 Patrons to the festival. Link here:

Paul 'Browny' Brown
Wall of Sound Owner/Editorial Manager

*NOTE: Wall of Sound has no affiliation with Good Things Festival and the Festival (and staff) are not involved in this petition or movement. We are a collective group of music loving individuals, passionate about preserving Australia's Live Music Scene for All Ages.