A dash of Autism, the right support class & I will move mountains. Fund a MC Class for me!

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The right education in the right support class!....
I am 12 years old and I have Autism. I absolutely adore being around other kids and love going to school. Recently we applied for a placement for 2017 in a multi-categorical (MC) class at Murwillumbah High School with the NSW Department of Education. We received a letter back stating they were unable to offer a placement. Whilst Xavier was assessed and deemed suitable, the class is already at capacity and there is no space for him. There are other parents with students in this same position also applying for a valued, and limited placement in this same class.
Due to insufficient places available, we are requesting that both state and federal government invest in education for special needs by providing an additional MC class at Murwillumbah State High School in 2017 forward that will accommodate Xavier and other families seeking placement in an MC class.
Autism is being diagnosed at an alarming and increasing rate. Today, 1 in every 68 children are being diagnosed with this neurological disorder. Funding needs to be aligned with the current and overwhelming parent requests for the enrolment of their children in the most appropriate support class. Northern Rivers has a significant number of children on the Autism Spectrum. There is and will continue beyond 2017 to be a growing number of requests for students with special needs requiring placements in specialised support classes.
Children on the Autism Spectrum are not afforded ‘time’ to wait for a place. Each day can mean the difference of becoming a self-supportive adult or one reliant on formal and informal care supports. Students with disability have the right to an education and schools need to be properly-resourced so they can make the adjustments that these students need to benefit from education and being part of a school community. Please do not set them up to fail due and increase their likelihood of future reliance on federal government financial assistance because their chance to move towards an independent life has been compromised through an inadequately resourced education system.
Because of the polarised difference from one end of the spectrum to the other each child presents a unique learning style,’ which can only be engaged, nurtured and educated through individualised education. For students who are living with Autism, the future is now; and time without the proper education they need and deserve, begins to grow exponentially.
The reality is students with special needs are a small percentage of the population and cannot drive a fundamental shift in education. It’s up to as parents of Australian school children and the wider community to stand up and fight to hold the Federal and State Governments to account and to make it keep promises to give schools the resources they need for students with a disability. Please show your support by signing and sharing the petition at

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