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Keep Trophy-Hunting Lobby “Science” Out Of Our Public Schools!: A Message To The NSTA

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I was shocked to see educational materials from Bear Trust International being distributed in public schools via the National Science Teachers Association. Under the guise of a small, nonprofit conservation organization, this group has worked with the gun lobby to try to defeat the Black Bear Protection Act (twice!) and delist endangered species like the gray wolf. Now they are craftily posing the question of whether to delist the grizzly bear from the Endangered Species Act. This is no surprise given that their founder and board members are award-winning trophy hunters of exotic species.

They are now lobbying to pass bill HR 2406. The Sportsmen's Heritage and Recreational Enhancement (S.H.A.R.E. Act) would remove federal protections for gray wolves, expand trapping and recreational shooting on public lands, block efforts to restrict the use of toxic lead ammunition, block efforts to crack down on the global ivory trade, and even allow the importation of trophy polar bears from Canada.

Here's a recent letter from Bear Trust International to Washington signed along with their regular lobbying partners supporting the bill:

A decade of putting up a misleading front by displaying token “scientific projects” and employing cute bear imagery has won them the support of many well-intentioned, generous individuals and organizations. Passing through lots of grant money and providing a tax write-off for big corporate donors has led many to turn a blind eye and has kept their other activities off the radar.

Seeing sport-hunting educational materials repackaged as “conservation” and being distributed as STEM lessons in our public schools was the last straw for me. I had once intended to contribute to them but "followed the money" and saw many red flags.

This group has a methodical and generational mindset towards achieving their ends. Grades K-12 all the way up to grad students are on their agenda. Educational materials will refer to hunts as innocuous “bear harvests” as part of a calculated effort to change attitudes towards sport hunting under the guise of science.!Feds-Grizzly-Czar-Servheen-%E2%80%9Cinstrumental%E2%80%9D-in-founding-trophy-hunting-advocacy-group/cjds/571ac4950cf2331db0fcf7c7

Sadly, knowingly or not, the National Science Teachers Association has sanctioned Bear Trust International's educational materials. Please send a message to the NSTA letting them know that distributing educational materials from a private interest group that acts as a trophy-hunting lobby is unacceptable!

Here's Bear Trust along with their most frequent sport hunting and gun-lobby associates:

Bear Trust at work with them to delist the wolf:

An activist site with screen shots of other public domain information that has been pulled from the public eye:

For more on the S.H.A.R.E Act please see: and #hr2406


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