Stop Midas Touch owner from owning a horse again

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���Update Midas Touch Warmblood Stud ����
It’s been quiet for some time but here is the information we found out:
1. This is still the welfare state of horses in the care of Midas Touch Stud & Charne Marr
2. There are still horses missing not being owned by Midas Touch or Charne Marr. Charne nor the SPCA EL provides any information about their whereabouts.
3. Midas Touch Stud and Charne Marr hasn’t been a member of any South African Breed Society for the last 5 years! No foal has been birth notified at any breed society for 5 consecutive years. This qualifies her as a back yard breeder.
4. Charne Marr will ask you to put 150.000,- South African Rand into a trust Account if you go to court. This means she has to proof she has the same amount available. In our case there had been 5 opponents. This makes 5 x 150.000,- Rand she had to proof funds. If you have this money available for lawyers, why are your horses starving to death?
5. The SPCA EL has ongoing reports and cases of neglect and abuse since 2013. They still think a warning is enough. They don’t give any information to the owners of horses which have been pts although they have been part of investigations or cases. They provide contradictory information about the case of Neuland Lola.
6. NSPCA doesn’t want to get involved as every SPCA acts independently. So is the welfare of the horses their first priority or politics and regulations? One can hide behind these things very easily!
7. Charne Marr is still member of SA Dressage !! How can this society tolerate a member who is clearly violating FEI rules of the animal welfare act? Do the other members of SA Dressage  want to be part of a society that tolerates behavior of animal abuse and neglect?
8. SAEF doesn’t get involved as Charne isn’t a member. How can Charne Marr be a member of SA Dressage and SA Showing without being a member of SAEF? FEI clearly states regulations regarding everyone within the equine industry. If you are a member of the FEI how can you look away? What will be the reputation of South Africa as an equestrian member if this will be made public internationally?
9. Charne Marr has a reputation of unethical behavior within the equestrian industry. Too many stories came to the surface during the past weeks. Too thin foals, underdeveloped foals, weaned foals at 3 months old, unsound horses,... - you name it
10. Charne Marr has a long history of not paying her depth. This goes as far as not paying horses she buys, not paying livery for her horses in Europe, .... The amount outstanding is shocking.
11. The death toll of horses in her care is above acceptable boundaries. Even if you take AHS into consideration, I haven’t come across this amount and I have been in contact with large studs.
12. All stallions are still registered under her name. There’s been no change of ownership made public beside the press release of the Berning family. Look at SA dressage!
13. Last but not least Charne refuses to communicate with the involved parties. No response to phone, email or attorney letters!

So who will act for these horses? That’s what it’s all about. How long will they have to endure this? Who will prevent her from having horses and allowing her horses to ever suffer again?