Financial Relief, Tax Cuts and Subsidies for Salaried Middle Class Indians

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I am salaried, middle class, tax-paying, law-abiding Indian. I am also a working mother of two with school fees, home loans, and many bills to pay. I am worried about whether I will get a steady salary for the rest of the year. My husband is also facing an uncertain future despite being in service for over a decade. How are we supposed to continue like this because of the COVID-19 crisis?

Sign my petition asking the Finance Minister for financial relief for the salaried middle class of India.

We have been waiting for the government to announce a financial package for us salaried middle-class Indians. But sadly the government has not focussed on us at all. It has been announcing relief measures for the migrant workers such as direct cash transfers into their accounts and a free monthly ration of rice, atta, and dal to each member of the family.  I am not against the government providing relief to migrants and others but what about us?  Unfortunately, the government has totally forgotten about the plight of employees of private companies who are looking at a no job/no salary for the next few months till the time things improve, and yet have bills, fees and loans to pay.

I couldn’t keep quiet anymore so I started this petition. My petition appeals to the govt to provide immediate relief to us by way of 

  1. financial assistance, particularly for those who have lost jobs, are facing salary cuts and/or are not receiving salaries. 
  2. tax benefits in the current financial year.
  3. free/subsidised ration, as is being done for other economic sectors and sections of society.
  4. Medical /Life Insurance cover for families.

Sign my petition as there are people among us who have started cutting down on their meals. We eat one meal a day to save food. Is this what we are supposed to do in a country that is providing relief to one and nothing to the other. Those who have ration cards have access to free rice, wheat, oil, sugar whereas we have to buy everything that too without any steady source of income. We are rapidly exhausting our savings as the crisis has hurt our economy, our jobs, our financial security. 

We are law-abiding citizens of India and dutifully exercise our right to vote to elect a Govt. We want the government to proactively take care of us during this crisis. 

I appeal to each and every citizen of India to join me in getting justice for all those who are affected by the lockdown by signing this petition.

It’s high time that the salaried Indian middle-class gets the relief we deserve.