Reallocate and Increase the Union Budget Spend for Persons with Disabilities

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Yet another Budget has been announced, and yet again, the disability sector has been largely overlooked.

For a community that consists of at least 5-6% of the population, a reduction in over Rs 150 crores towards the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (DePwD). This may seem like a small figure in the bigger scheme of things, but for persons with disabilities like us, this is huge.

We talk of inclusion and diversity in our country. But this Union Budget feels like we are taking a 100 steps back in achieving this goal. And this needs to change now. Sign our petition. Does the government think that they have done enough for the betterment of the disabled community and hence do not need to consider our needs separately?

The disabled people of India (and mental health) did not find any mention in the Finance Minister’s two-hour long budget speech. The flagship Accessible India Campaign, despite being launched by the PM, was not allocated a separate budget and money.

And this is why, we are asking the Finance Minister Ms. Nirmala Sitharaman and Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi to relook this allocation, and allocate funds towards the disability sector.

This will not only help achieve the goal of an inclusive India, but also help develop infrastructure and facilities, which is the right of every person with disability in our country. We are tired of being ignored, and need answers on where previous funds have been allocated.

Sign our petition asking the Finance Minister to re-allocate and increase the Budget spend for persons with disabilities.