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NRCA -Help start the National Registry for Child Abusers


It is essential that a National Child Abuse Registry be put into place immediately. There are countless numbers of children being beaten, raped, molested, hurt, suffocated, burned, tortured, neglected, malnourished, locked in small rooms, verbally abused, shaken, beaten by objects and so much more -  every single day it is happening. It is time to start a National Child Abuse Registry for every single convicted abuser in this country. It needs to be in place to protect our children in the same way a sex offender registry does. It should be made harder for convicted abusers to get jobs, to be able to obtain other child care jobs and to maintain certain aspects of freedom that they robbed an innocent child of. This matter is a national crisis and is increasing by the minute.

In the case of Elijah Guia he was beaten so badly that he died.  The person responsible still walks free and may be babysitting your child.  Please sign this petition and help prevent another child from the same fate as Elijah.  Death.   This could have been prevented.  You can help prevent this from happening.

Please join the E.L.I. Group in the fight for justice and the advocacy for children that cannot speak for themselves.

A National Child abuse Registry should begin as soon as possible. In fact it should have been started years ago. Be part of the solution and save a child from abuse in any way shape or form. Today by signing this petition, you become a hero to a child that is being abused.  You are making the difference. 


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