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During XXth century the war killed more than 163 millions people. That was so many as inhabitants are living in following cities: Tokyo, Delhi, Shanghai, Mexico, Cairo, New York, Buenos Aires, Istanbul, Rio de Janeiro, Moscow, Paris, London, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Madrid, Singapore, Rome, Berlin, Kyiv, Pyongyang, Bucharest and Prague.

Furthermore death rate of peaceful population per all war victims grew up to maximum. At the beginning of century it was 5%, after WWI it grew up to 15%, after WWII to 65% and 90% at the end of the century! Things are so that robots which are directed by military servicemen will wipe out us simply and with impunity soon.

Naturally we want to stop the war forever. And as we see such aftermaths as victims, demolition, refugees flows, sanctions and crysis, we cannot wait for it will stop itself. To stop the war we have to cut out any possibility to fight with help of there will be no servicemen or weapons.

With this petition we demand to break all warfares, to form one UN army instead of all state armies and to establish criminal penalties for every peaceful population death made by military personnel.

Let us say alltogether: NO war!


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