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Novak Djokovic, get rid of Pepe Imaz!

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Novak Djokovic had an amazing first half of 2016, completing career Grand Slam, holding a poker of GS trophies at the same time! Never the less, he managed to loose the huge lead of 8035 points (June 7, 2016) to Andy Murray at the end of the year. It is impossible for any outsider to single out one single factor causing such unexpected, extraordinary outcome. However, we firmly believe that Pepe Imaz and his teachings are a strong contributing factor to this downfall. 

This is the petition for us believing that Novak Djokovic's new spiritual coach Pepe Imaz is having a negative impact on Novak's game, affecting his mental state in a contra-productive way. This is the petition for us believing that excluding Pepe Imaz from Novak Djokovic team would be a positive step forward in Novak's career. We do not claim having a replacement solution. We just hate seeing Novak's talent, fire and passion for the game being wasted, not realized to it's full potential, moreover hindered from the same by following questionable teachings. 

We have been following Novak from the start. We have seen him display unprecedented fighting spirit, passion, athleticism, willingness to do whatever it takes to overcome and in many ways surpass some of the best tennis players ever, like Federer, Nadal, Murray. Above all, we have been witnessing his willingness to WIN!

However, now according to Pepe's teachings, willingness to win is "wrong", as it is based on a (wrong) assumption that one strives to win in order to gain other peoples love and respect, fearing loosing?! (see the full teaching here:  Moreover, this whole teaching appears only to be based on Pepe's own negative experience of competing as a professional tennis player back in the days, and the distress it gave HIM. 

Is fearing to loose what brought Novak to the absolute top in a most competitive sport in the world, in its most competitive era ever???!!! We don't think so. 

How about willingness to win as a part of being the best you can be, as a life-goal comprised of constant improvement and self fulfillment. Not for the sake and love of others but for your own sake. We believe this to be the most common drive with top professional athletes. We believe this to be the case behind Novak's success as well. 

Consequently, based on Pepe's arguably false and unproven assumptions (behind the drive to win and character of winning itself) Novak has nothing to gain and everything to loose by continuing being part of Pepe's teachings. 

Pepe certainly seem to be a very positive and lovable person. His teaching sure have helped, and will continue to help lots of individuals in their personal development. However we strongly doubt and question it's effect on a professional athlete at the absolute top, like Novak Djokovic is.

If you agree with us, sign our petition! Hopefully, this will reach Novak and at least make him think twice. 

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