Allow Eastern Zone Proms to be held with as much normalcy as possible.

Allow Eastern Zone Proms to be held with as much normalcy as possible.

April 5, 2021
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Nova Scotia Premiere Iain Rankin and 3 others
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Why this petition matters

To the N.S. provincial government, 

We the undersigned are asking that you allow our children to have the prom and grand march  ceremonies they deserve. This years graduating class has worked harder then any class before them. They have done everything you’ve asked them to do to ensure the safety of their communities. 
They have stayed home, away from their friends when they were asked to, they have worn masks, they have attended virtual classes, they have social distanced. They have been forced to give up sports teams, school dances, clubs and extra curricular activities. 
They have been attending classes since September, while wearing masks and following all the rules set in place by the department of education and the department of health. They have missed out on work terms and many have lost out on scholarships related to sport recruitment because of the precautions you have put in place. 
They have done all of this without complaining. All we ask is that you allow them to have the proms and graduation ceremonies they deserve.

In the Eastern Zone of Nova Scotia, there has been less then 100 cases since this pandemic started in March 2020 according to the Nova Scotia government website. Less then 100 cases and our children are being threatened to lose what they have worked so hard for. Prom and grand March should not be held virtually, on a sidewalkor in a parking lot, it should be held in a gymnasium or other venue where they can spend the time with their friends and classmates, celebrating all that they’ve accomplished over the last 13 years. 
So, we the parents, family, friends and the graduates of 2021 are respectfully asking that you allow prom and graduation ceremonies to occur in as a normal a way as possible. 
Thank you. 

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Signatures: 1,948Next Goal: 2,500
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Decision Makers

  • Nova Scotia Premiere Iain Rankin
  • Nova Scotia Minister of Health Zach Churchill
  • Nova Scotia Chief Medical Officer Dr. Robert Strang
  • Nova Scotia Minister of Education Derek Mombourquette