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Stop the Clear-Cutting Near Kejimikujik Park

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It has been shown time and time again that clear-cutting forests leads to soil erosion and infertility. This has very negative consequences on the animals and plants which inhabit, or are near the area being clear-cutted. Kejimikujik Park will not be immmune to these effects, as many herbivores will lose their food sources due to soil infertility and changes in temperature and moisture. Consequently, the herbivores will be forced to migrate to a new area where they have enough food to maintain their populations. Predators will then have to move to where their prey is located, because the herbivores will have moved. This will result in the loss of the diversity of Kejimikujik Park, which is enjoyed by campers, and is crucial to the maintenance of the biological community. Please join me in asking the Nova Scotia Minister of Natural Resources, Lloyd Hines, to stop the clear-cutting project of 94 hectares around the periphery of Kejimukijik Park to preserve the diversity of the area. 

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