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Lloyd Hines has successfully and continuously lobbied for BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) throughout his entire political career. There is fear if Lloyd Hines is elected as an MLA, a provincial BSL ban could be on his bucket list.

- In 1995 Lloyd Hines lobbied for and passed breed specific legislation in the district of the municipality of Guysborough – banning pit bulls, with no grandfather clause built in.

-In 2004 Hines lobbied and passed a ban on Rottweilers in the municipality of Guysborough.

- Lloyd Hines threatened to push a breed specific ban through the Union of Municipalities – which he almost successfully did in 2008.

- Lloyd Hines continues to dodge questions surrounding his work lobbing for BSL; blocking facebook users / voters, and refusing to return telephone calls.

Letter to
NS Liberal Party Leader Stephen McNeil
MLA Michel P. Samson
MLA Geoff MacLellan
and 9 others
MLA Keith Colwell
MLA Zach Churchill
MLA Leo Glavine
Candidate Lloyd Hines
MLA Andrew Younger
MLA Karen Casey
MLA Diana Whalen
MLA Kelly Regan
Executive Director of NS Liberal Party Meredith Naylor
Remove Candidate Lloyd P. Hines from the electoral ballot. The Liberal Party of Nova Scotia should NOT support and endorse Lloyd P Hines.

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