Ban Backyard Breeding

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What if instead of banning the breed, we ban the people who exploit them?

Hear me out:

The population of these dogs is astronomical and yet most of them do not come from reputable breeders. We have the people on the left, breeding aggression into them to exploit their strength, or the people on the right who are just using these puppies to make a quick buck.

In the cases above these animals are not temperment checked, health checked, they come with no guarantees, and breed standards are not considered. Additionally, potential owners are not screened thoroughly to make sure that puppies are placed into responsible and educated homes.

You can argue it's the breed or the owner if you'd like, but the reality is that it's both. Drives vs Learned Behaviour: Nature vs Nurture. With that said, a dog's drives should be understood and considered prior to breeding. In addition to temperment testing, strong and high energy breeds should not be placed into inexperienced homes who are not equipped to manage them. 

These dogs are set up to fail by being overbred to poor 'standards', sent to fight, sent to bait, sent to inappropriate homes, sent to shelter after shelter after shelter.

Let's get back to standard.

So again,

I propose as an alternative to BSL -

Let's ban the backyard breeders.

Responsible pet ownership should include proper spay and neuter, and avoidance of breeding prior to that.

Oops, you have puppies?

Let's take away the appeal of intentional backyard breeding by making puppies cost more to have than they stand to gain.

It's illegal to sell puppies or kittens without a certificate of health from the vet. How about we just make it illegal? No registration to breed, no profiting allowed. The neglect and abuse of these animals should not be a business. Nor should it be acceptable.

We have it backwards. The breed is not the problem - we are.

Let's show the breed respect by disallowing people to continously exploit them and ban backyard breeding.

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