Ban the Displaying of Hate Symbols in Nova Scotia

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For too long now there have been no laws in place with regard to hate symbols being publicly displayed.

The ability to display a symbol that represents racism and hate anywhere which is readily visible to the public eye needs to be banned. Without laws which implement this, community members are consistently forced to feel marginalized and discriminated against in the comfort of their own towns, cities and province. This is also not the message we want to be sending to visitors of our beautiful province.

The displaying of these symbols needs to be banned on both private and public property - if it is within eyesight of the general public.

The symbols that need to be classed as hate symbols, and banned by the Nova Scotia government, at the very least need to include the Nazi Swastika, the Confederate emblem and any flag or memorabilia which contains these.

While there are many who claim both of these symbols are nothing other than “a symbol”, “a flag”, “a piece of cloth” or that they represent many different things such as “rebellion” or simply “southern states from a time of war”, these symbols have extremely deep rooted meanings of racism and hate which they have come to represent fully.

An example of one of these symbols is proudly on display at the entrance of Sambro, Nova Scotia. A community from which we have heard much testimony from its residents, and those who pass through, on how deeply hurt they are in being forced to bear witness to its blatantly public display every time they leave or enter their own home community.

We know this is just one example, and that there are other communities in this province being forced to endure the same public displays of hate symbols.

We also want banned the sales of any such items which bear these symbols on them from any Nova Scotian businesses.

The year is 2020, our world, and our province have experienced more than enough devastation. It is time we finally break silence, stop being passive, and actively work towards a truly hate free and equal opportunity world for all our citizens, especially and firstly with the oppressed populations of BIPOC.

We believe the province banning these symbols is one very small step that can be taken in working towards this.
We urge all Nova Scotian citizens and beyond to stand up against hate and sign this petition as one small step YOU can take.

We welcome any constructive criticism in tackling this task - as well as connection with anyone who wants to lend their ideas and help to this cause.

As well as the above we also welcome anyone’s personal stories on how they feel affected by the displays of these symbols - we need to amplify others voices and hear what they are saying.