Reinstate Michael Jackson's music to Radio playlists

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To Nova Entertainment, Smooth FM, Cogeco Media, NZME, MediaWorks & Radio stations world-wide.

We, your listeners are very disappointed that you have removed Michael Jackson songs from your playlists & strongly request you to reinstate them.

Not only does Michael Jackson’s historic and record-breaking music appeal to all generations and races, but is part of the anthem to our lives.

It appears that your decision to remove Michael’s music from your playlists, is due to false allegations made in a recent documentary & we remind you that Michael Jackson had his day in a court of law and was found NOT GUILTY of any wrong-doing & died an INNOCENT man in 2009.

Your decision to remove his music is unwarranted and we, your listeners hereby declare that unless you reinstate Michael’s music on your playlists, we will not support your stations, we will unfollow your social media accounts & boycott any of your sponsors and dealings.


Below are a list of musical artists that have been CHARGED or CONVICTED of crimes, (not just accused of) but whose music is still on your playlist. This is discriminative and unfair & we implore you to act immediately.


Bruno Mars
Arrested in 2010 for cocaine possession.

Charged with possession of a concealed weapon and assault

Mick Jagger
Charged with assault in 1972. He has also faced several drug charges throughout his life.

James Brown
Charged with domestic violence in 2004 & armed robbery in 1949

Snoop Dogg
Charged with drug possession five times. He was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm in 2006. He was also charged with murder in 1993, but was acquitted in 1996.

Phil Rudd of AC/DC
Charged in New Zealand with attempting to hire a hitman to kill two people.

Chris Brown
Convicted on felony domestic violence in 2009
arrested on felony assault in 2013

Mark Wahlberg (Marky Mark)
Charged with attempted murder in 1987

50 Cent
Charged with drug possession nine times in the mid-90s
Charged with unlawful possession of a firearm in 2002
Charged with three counts of assault and battery in 2003

Lil’ Kim
Charges with several offenses including obstruction of justice, conspiracy, shoplifting, and perjury.

Charged with assault in 1993, convicted of sexual battery in 1993

Chuck Berry
Served a prison sentence for armed robbery from 1944-1947.

Courtny Love
Convicted of felony drug possession in 2003, charged with felony assault in 2004

Vanilla Ice
Convicted of firearm charges in 1991, 2001, convicted of disorderly conduct in 2001

Will Smith
Charged with aggravated assault, recklessly endangering another person, simple assault, and criminal conspiracy in 1989

Jay Z
Convicted of assault in 1999

Marilyn Manson
Charged with sexual misconduct