Have Crash Barriers Installed Along Hoveringham Road, Hoveringham

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There are no crash barriers along a section of Hoveringham Road in which the River Trent runs alongside the road. This road is believed to have a 50mph or 60mph speed limit, and the road is not properly maintained, so it can be dangerous during harsher weather conditions. The crash barriers would help to prevent vehicles from crashing into the river if the vehicle slips on the road during bad weather.

This petition comes after a teacher at The Dukeries Academy, Emma Fegan, 39, sadly passed away in hospital from her injuries following a crash on this poorly maintained road during heavy rain, in which her car (it is believed) skidded on the road and crashed into the River Trent (confirmed.) Please sign this petition to make sure that something as horrific as this never happens again. 

Please sign this petition to install crash barriers along this stretch of road in which the River Trent runs along side it in order to prevent further crashes such as this one from occurring again.

We are sure that this unfortunately fatal crash will not be the last. However, these further crashes can be prevented by a few simple steps that will only take you a few minutes.