Cancel the Broadmarsh development and create a green open space for Nottingham

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We want Nottingham to be a city to be proud of

Nottingham City Centre is a place of tremendous heritage, history and community, yet for decades now, the first thing visitors see on arrival to the city is an ugly shopping centre and car park sat on a road (Maid Marian Way) that has consistently been voted one of the worst in the country.

It was a welcome decision to renovate the Broadmarsh, however the Council's decision to simply build another shopping centre and carpark is not appropriate and reflects a lack of vision and long term thinking. An open, public space would be a green jewel in the centre of the city that would help make our city pleasant and attractive for residents and visitors alike.

The mood is clear. Let's pause and consult the people on what they want for the space. A recent poll found that only 20% of respondents wanted things to carry on as they are and a massive 51% wanted the area to be flattened completely and for a park to be built.

Let's think long term about our City. A shopping centre that plays host to expensive chain stores that siphon profits out of the city isn't needed and won't be successful. We already have a shopping centre (Victoria) and it's clear that current shopping trends are moving away from retail brick and mortar stores. Furthermore, Nottingham has spent a lot of money on greening public transport, from a brilliant tram system to greener buses. With that in mind, the decision to build a huge car park in the centre of town is staggering in its short sightedness. 

An open, green space in the centre of the city would be the perfect use of this land. Not only would it give residents a place for relaxation, but it would give us something to be proud of. In economical terms, such a place would make our city an attractive place for tourism and visitors and thus increased investment.

We urge council leaders to give Nottingham a legacy we can all be proud of. Is a cinema and a bowling alley really the best we can do? Let's learn from other cities around the world who have used sustainable and beautiful design and perhaps one day they can learn from us too.

We want a green jewel in the centre of our city.




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