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Remove outdated and offensive anti-begging posters in Nottingham

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Adverts like these have popped up recently in Nottingham city centre, endorsed by Nottingham City Council and the Nottinghamshire Police. The text of the top photo reads 'Begging: watch your money go up in smoke'.

These adverts are demonising homeless people as drug users, alcoholics and frauds, and this is not acceptable. Exploiting stereotypes like this would not be tolerated if discrimination were focused on gender, sexuality, race or religion: just imagine if you saw a similar advert that advocated gay women as butch, or black men as criminals. You wouldn't think twice about deeming it wrong, and these adverts are no different. 

You cannot stigmatise all people who have to resort to begging in such a negative way. These adverts have the potential to increase hostility towards people who beg, but many homeless people depend on the money of kind strangers to buy food and shelter. 

The City Council has recently announced they will be cutting funding for a large homeless prevention charity in April, forcing it to close. To launch this campaign alongside these cuts is only creating further problems for homeless people living in Nottingham, and many homeless people will have more difficulty in getting the help they need to find permanent jobs and places to live.

Help us get rid of outdated stereotypes of homeless people, and sign my petition to ask the Nottingham City Council to take down these adverts.

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