Keep COVID-19-secure wellbeing and care services open in the upcoming national lockdown

Keep COVID-19-secure wellbeing and care services open in the upcoming national lockdown

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In light of the upcoming lockdown on the 5th November 2020, we, as a COVID-19- secure wellbeing service in the heart of Nottingham, want to stand alongside essential health services in the lockdown to give back to the community and support them through these difficult times. 

We see ourselves as a fundamental service, supporting front-line workers, people with disabilities, mental health struggles and high intensity jobs. 

The amount and rate of mental health related cases and hospital admissions are deeply concerning to us and we believe that if we can bear a weight of the collateral damage of this pandemic and lockdown then we absolutely should. 

We are a COVID-secure business and follow all the guidelines the government has given us. The safety and comfortability of our members is paramount to us and we ensure that everyone follows procedure. We have never had a reported case of COVID-19 in our community and implement everything we can to keep it that way. 

We believe that to get through this pandemic in the best way, mental health should be treated as the highest priority. We also understand however that there is a big strain on the health services at the moment and so we want to help to accommodate for the number of people in need.

It has been proven that yoga and mindfulness can improve quality of life and has a hugely positive impact on people’s mental health. Results from the practices we offer have broadly and consistently shown ‘enhanced muscular strength, body flexibility, improved respiratory and cardiovascular function, promotion of recovery from and treatment of addiction, stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, maintaining healthy sleeping patterns and overall enhanced wellbeing.’

Our space is free of judgement and criticism, our members call it their ‘urban sanctuary’ where they can come in and put their worries aside and focus on themselves through movement and headspace. Our member’s video testimonials on our Instagram page and website support this also. We want to highlight that we aren’t a fitness service and we also wouldn’t consider ourselves a leisure facility either, we believe our work is fundamental and delivered in a space where people can nurture their wellbeing and mentality. We see this commitment through a continuous stream of membership renewals.

Our proposition is that services of wellbeing and care such as the one we provide are reconsidered within the closures directed to take place by the government during the national lockdown on Thursday 5th November. We can no longer afford to stretch the health services any further and outlets that support mental and physical wellbeing that can be conducted in a COVID-secure way should be encouraged to stay open. COVID-19 has globally destroyed livelihoods, finances, relationships, businesses, methods of education and life-long endeavours. Let’s value our health services now before it's too late!


184 have signed. Let’s get to 200!