Give a Hoot - Save the Owl Sanctuary

Give a Hoot - Save the Owl Sanctuary

8 January 2016
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Why this petition matters

Started by Give Ahoot

The Owl Sanctuary - a beloved pub, cafe and one of Norwich’s foremost grass roots DIY music venues, is closing, on January 31st. 

The premises have been sold to Richard Pratt, a property developer, who - according to local newspapers - has been attempting to purchase the premises for a number of years as an 'investment'.

But we - The Give a Hoot Movement - don't want to let it go quietly into the night.

The Owl Sanctuary has become a symbol of Norwich's community spirit, and already, thousands of people have supported the Give a Hoot movement - a movement that wants to help The Owl Sanctuary in whatever way possible.

It is also used by the Norwich Soup Movement - a DIY charitable organisation that aims to feed the homeless, who will also be affected should The Owl Sanctuary close down.

Our first and foremost goal is to find a way to keep The Owl Sanctuary open.

What has been achieved so far?

  • Over £5000 raised through Crowdfunding site JustGiving, by the community for the owners of The Owl Sanctuary
  • An ACV ( Asset of Communal Value ) nomination by CAMRA - The Campaign for Real Ales - Norwich Branch, with over 2100 submissions by community members, to get The Owl Sanctuary listed as an Asset of Communal Value - which if successful will prevent it from being demolished  or being changed into anything other than a pub - which has been put before Norwich City Council
  • Clive Lewis, MP Norwich South - the MP of the constituency The Owl Sanctuary is in - has stated his wholehearted support in the matter
  • Front page coverage of the campaign in the Norwich Evening News, 8/1/16
  • Thousands of likes, shares, tweets and messages across social media, raising awareness of the issue and gathering public support

What's left to achieve?

  • More awareness of the issue - spreading it further across social media
  • Gaining civic or legal support to keep The Owl Sanctuary open - in whatever way this may be achieved

What will signing this petition achieve?

Proof of community support. The more people who sign, the more proof it serves that the community does not want to see The Owl Sanctuary close.
We can then use these signatures in future documentation if necessary.

The petition itself will be sent to Ben Price - one of the three Thorpe Hamlet Ward City Councillors - where The Owl Sanctuary is located. He has already indicated his support in the matter, but he is the pertinent councillor to contact.

The other two Councillors for the Thorpe Hamlet region - Jo Henderson and Lesley Grahame - would also be included if the petition could send to multiple email addresses. However, it can only be sent to one at a time.

If we win?

The Owl Sanctuary stays open, or perhaps another Owl Sanctuary opens at another premise. The outcome is unclear at this point in time.

If we lose?

The Owl Sanctuary closes for good, and Norwich loses one of its most popular grass-roots music venues, to the detriment of the entire city.

It is called a Sanctuary for a reason. It is a symbol of Norwich's spirit, of it's creativity and drive. We don't want to let it go quietly into the night.

Because we Give a Hoot.

Petition Closed

This petition had 8,683 supporters

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