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I'm scared for the future of my children and all our children. Climate change is a real and urgent threat to our health and ultimate survival. In Norfolk we face increasing risks of drought, flooding, coastal erosion, heatwaves, and loss of the Broads, our beaches and the Fens but effective action could improve our health and economy. To prevent catastrophic change we must all act.  Local councils are best placed to catalyze community -wide action and communicate the urgency of situation.  Our local councils are not doing enough.

We call on Norwich City Council and Norfolk County Council to step up to the threat of climate change and :-

1.  Declare a climate emergency

2.  Mobilize resources to prioritize mitigation of and adaptation to climate change to protect the people of Norfolk

3.  Set and update emissions reduction targets in line with the latest science

4.  Scrap projects not consistent with these targets

5.  Introduce a program to educate the population and council staff about climate change

6.  Work with other councils to share best practice

7.  Lobby national government to act and help local government do more to respond to the climate crisis