Stop Whale Hunting In Norway

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This is a petition started by Ocean Research & Conservation Ireland (O.R.C. Ireland), to the Norwegian Government to call on them to ban the practice of Whale Hunting, otherwise known as “whaling”.
The annual mass slaughter of one of the earth's most magnificent creatures is due to officially begin on Wednesday, 1st of April 2020.
Whale hunting occurs in Norway every year and it results in a dramatic decline in the number of minke whales in the country’s oceans. Some of these minke whales may even be pregnant when they’re hunted!
According to the International Whaling Commission, in 2019 the Norwegian whale quota for whale hunting was 1,278. This is a 28% increase from the previous year. The use of Explosive Penthrite Grenade Harpoon is a method that has been used for years in the act of killing whales. This vicious way of killing can take up to 25 minutes for the whale to struggle to death.
On an environmental front, it has been reported that whaling ships are burning more and more fuel each year because whales are now seeking out colder waters, which are increasingly distant because of global warming.
In 1986, the International Whaling Commission banned commercial whaling as the number of whales being killed were putting their populations under threat. However, Iceland and Norway lodged official objections to the ban and have continued a commercial hunt. Norway continues to keep whale hunting going under a self-allocated quota as they look at these creatures as a market, with the majority of it being exported to Japan.
Norway has surpassed Japan and Iceland in its whale hunting quotas (which do not include dolphins), and now officially kills more whales than any country in the world. Truls Gulowsen, the head of Greenpeace Norway, said “Norwegian whaling belongs to the past, is only maintained for narrow political reasons and should be phased out as quickly as possible.”
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Darren McDonald.
Conservation Officer, O.R.C Ireland.